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Fanart: Kate Forsyth presents the Blue Rose

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It was the Canberra Writers Festival the weekend after the Apple Today class teaching me how to use the Clips app. This was insidious timing. Kate Forsyth was in town promoting her new book, The Blue Rose. Full of enthusiasm, with technology but very little experience, I came up with the idea for the below promo. Kudos to Kate for rocking the promo at little notice.

As with John Birmingham’s promo video, I hit technical difficulties although this time it was inexperience with my brand-new phone tripod. Now I know I can dismantle the phone tripod to use the phone attachment with a more substantial tripod to prevent that wobble next time.

Thanks so much to Kate for being a good sport with it all. She made me feel deeply appreciated, right down to the blue rose I made for her. If I’d had the time (and some crepe paper) I would have made her a dozen! With long stems! Next time.

I hope there will be a next time, both to make a promo for Kate and for other authors. This is fun and challenging!

The Blue Rose

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