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Fanart: How to pack lite by John Birmingham

John Birmingham was in town for the Canberra Writers Festival and he brought me a super-sexy totally gorgeous HARDCOVER copy of The Cruel Stars. The problem was that he packed light. Very light. I couldn’t read that format…

Please don’t @ me telling me how you could do better: the day before I met with JB I did the #TodayAtApple class that taught me how to use Clips, that the replacement scene is possible (but only possible with my partner’s phone, I HAVE CAMERA ENVY) and more. So of course I immediately came up with a totally cheesy idea that JB carried off with aplomb and at least 3 levels of cheese plus ham. And Of Course my idea stretched not only the limits of my ability at this novitiate stage of learning but also stretched the capabilities of the hardware and software.

Still, I had fun making it. I want to make more.

And, based on JB’s level of ham & cheese, I think he enjoyed it too. He deserves an award for his acting, dontcha think? I’m thinking the “Miss Piggy” award or the “Pigs in Space” Award (because The Cruel Stars is set in space as was he in the latter portion of the clip).

Any other suggestions for award titles?

My joy having already been doubled needs to be shared. Watch this space.

Also find The Cruel Stars at Penguin Random House and HarperCollins Australia. Because paper books have geocoding. Go figure.

The Cruel Stars: two copies of the book sit poking out of a postal box.


Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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