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This is an index of Dark Matter Zine‘s podcasts, available at the linked pages and on all good podcasting platforms.

These podcasts feature guests from all over the world talking about their creations, from books to movies or TV series to paintings… to SFX dummies… I have been privileged to interview an interesting and eclectic range of people.

This index lists most podcasts in alphabetical order by guest first name. However, panel discussions tend to have a name that refers to the topic of conversation or a key point of discussion. Because, over the course of 9 years of podcasts, we need to mix it up a bit.

A few highlights for those into detail

One of my favorite quotes from my interviews (sadly this one isn’t in podcast format because there was too much background noise) is Tom Dickins from the Jane Austen Argument on “Different definitions of success”.

Possibly the trickiest situation was with Amanda Palmer who phoned to cancel while I was on the train travelling the 2 or 3 hour commute to meet with her. Luckily, when I told her I was already on my way, she gave me a brief window of her time. Sadly Amanda Palmer said I couldn’t publish the audio of that one, so it’s just a write up too.

This year has been really rough in the YouTube comments. Comments on my YouTube channel informed me that people I’ve interviewed like Mira Furlan and Cliff Simon died. Not a good year at all. My condolences to their families, friends and fans.

I have enjoyed interviewing this diverse cast for podcasts, videos and written interviews. It’s been a privilege and a pleasure. May there be many more interviews to come.

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