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Zombie Apocalypse according to John Birmingham


My morning began with a tweet from John Birmingham’s epic tweet:

“Don’t have a Zombie Plan? Worried now the End has begun? It’s not too late. You can be a vital part of my Zombie Plan.”

This link took me to John’s blog on the National Times.  Yep, a reputable newspaper like the Brizzie times has finally announced the zombie apocalypse so it must be true 😉

John links to this article where an automated  tweet telling people to escape or seek shelter from a hazardous spill, which is later claimed to have been contained.  I thought his link was going to be to an article in the Huffington Post where the CDC (Centre for Disease Control in the USA) denied the existence of a zombie virus – after campaigning for preparedness for a zombie apocalypse here.  The CDC also runs a zombie blog, they make zombie posters available, and even have a zombie novella.

John thoughtfully linked to articles such as the one about the zombie gnomes

John talks about his zombie plan, pointing the finger at the politicians who refused to prepare, but I think John got one thing wrong.  I don’t think Tony Abbott need fear the rising tide of the walking dead chewing their way up to his budgie smugglers.  I think the walking dead will embrace Tony Abbott as one of their own; he might even be an agent preparing the way.

See this trailer for a zombie movie.

See my previous post about the zombie apocalypse with vital links.

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