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Ze wimmez sticking together with ze hobbitses

Smokey and Ivanova: birds of a feather
Smokey and Ivanova: birds of a feather

[licks self] Ew, Meow.  We’re back again, are we?  I am using the royal ‘we’ as befits my position in life.

This week’s tributes to the Royal Catness were all either by women, about women or about hobbits.  More about the hobbits soon, hmph.

This week I received a book about Ivanova, a woman whose one-liners in Babylon 5 make her almost worthy of being promoted to the status of honorary feline.  Oh, yes, it’s also about Claudia Christian, the real person behind the character, her experiences with addiction, her Affaire with George Clooney and more…  You can see how much I liked – tolerated – this book; I posed with it, and it alone for long enough to take this photo!

Babylon Confidential is a non-fiction book about Claudia’s life, her addictions and her recovery.

Smokey with the rest of the books

The Hobbit: A Visual Companion arrived.

The Hobbit: A visual companion

We were NOT amused.  Not only did the female servant SQUEE annoyingly, but the male servant ALSO got excited.  He’s not usually interested in books [sigh] but THIS time…  ROWRL.  Sure, it has pretty pictures.  Sure, it’s from a novel that they grew up with, and a prequel to a movie the- OK A PREQUEL TO THREE MOVIES that they love, but seriously?  I AM THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE.  They ought to remember this.

They remembered I was there when I started rubbing my scent glands all over their precious.  Oh, yes, they remembered then.

Darkness Hunts by Keri Arthur is CLEARLY an attempt to appeal to my feline nature.  OF COURSE we hunt in darkness, it’s the BEST TIME OF DA-ay, um, it’s the BEST TIME.  Although Dark Angel?  I’m not so sure if angels are supposed to be companions or dinner – after all, with those wings they look a bit like FOOD.

Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher is RED.  Ergo it’s automatically a CAT NOVEL.  Red is one of the few colours I can see, and this book LOOKS DELICIOUS.  Not only does it have a pretty cloudy sunset-type picture, it has birds that are shiny so I want to bat them and play with them.  And it’s hardcover, very pretty and…  Eh hem.  It’s ok.  [licks self]  I am a cat, ergo I am cool and collected and…  leaving.  I’m going to have a nap.  See you next week.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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