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Star Wars figurine photography by Zahir Batin

Eternal rest: art work by ZahirBatin on Deviant Art: 2 storm troopers, one with head bowed over his shovel, stand at the foot of a mound of dirt with a storm trooper helmet in a pole at the opposite end.
Eternal Rest by Zahir Batin on Deviant Art
Inspiring photography from Zahir Batin

Zahir Batin is an artist featured on Deviant Art. His ‘Toys Photography’ category is for Star Wars fans to die for!

Each photo tells a story from ‘a day in the life of a stormtrooper’. Batin’s use of colour is impressive. Each photo is crystal clear with the focus on Batin’s action.

Many of the photos are ‘action shots’ featuring action of some kind but other photos are gentle reflection like ‘Awkward conversation’ between R2D2 and a chick.

R2D2 talks to a chick


I have so much love for Batin’s work. The perfect cure for Monday-itis, all the year through!

Other Star Wars fun

I’m a bit of a Star Wars fan and have been since I was a kid. You can find lots more Star Wars fun at this link, including cosplay photos from various events like this. Note: there is more cosplay goodness featuring SW that I might have forgotten to tag. Eep. I’ll try to do better.

I forgot all about Zahir Batin and his fun artwork until I noticed broken links today, 1 May 2023. His work is timeless. He seems to still be going although his work has diversified over the years.

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