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Confessions of a Recovering WoW Addict — Level 90–100

By C J Dee

This article should begin “Hello. My name is CJ. I am a WoW addict.” — Editor

I loathe Frostfire Ridge. It is the most boring place in the World (of Warcraft). Ice. Rocks. Ice. Red mobs that want to eat my cow-chicken (AKA Tauren Druid Boomkin). Oh, look. More ice. Could it be anymore boring? I suppose there could be no rocks.

As a result of this terrible zone, my cow-chook’s first few levels were slow yards. When I hit 92, someone kindly pointed out that I could venture to Gorgrond.

[You’re welcome. — Editor]

I got the hell out of Frostfire Ridge as fast as Oliver, my raptor, would carry me.

I did a lot of LFG random instances and quested while I waited for the DPS queues to pop. Not because I didn’t like Gorgrond, but because I like pretty gear and almost-free XP.

Fast forward to level 96 and I head to the Spires of Arak to get a salvage yard for my garrison. Because not only do they now let me have Pokémon, they let me build my own towns all over the place.

Now in this zone, there is a quest to gather wood. While doing this I was ganked by a level 100 player. That’s right, dear reader. I was ganked while getting wood. Which is awkward on so very many levels.

I don’t mind a bit of ganking here and there. We’ve all had those evil moments where we see someone who has little chance of fighting back and gone for it anyway. When you start camping these people though, that’s when it gets silly. By people I mean my poor cow-chook and by silly I mean groin-grabbingly annoying.

Then it happened. I hit level 100. I don’t remember where it happened. I don’t remember how it happened. Though I do know it wasn’t from gathering a mining node or herb because those level ups always make me laugh.

It was then that I realised I had managed to get to level 100 with only the glyph that makes star fall not pull the entire World. Oops. Who needs glyphs when you are all that is druid anyway?

I will leave you with this thought, dear reader. Taurens are humanoid cows. Most cow critters are in or around human zones. Coincidence?

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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