Wintervalk parade 2014 (cosplay photos)

After days of rain, Sunday July 13 dawned bright and clear but – being Melbourne – clouds came and went in between rain. Because MELBOURNE.

You’d think, being the 13th and all, that the Wintervalk cosplay parade would be rained out but NO! Light clouds came and went, the sun smiled on cosplayers decked in their Fey finest, their shiny armor and their furs.

I was not alone.

Nearly as many photographers as cosplayers were on the scene, snap-snapping gaily colored creatures and looming shades of night alike.

Click on any photo to open the carousel then use left and right arrow keys to scroll through the gallery. Press the escape key to exit the gallery. Comment on any photo; name the character or the cosplayer and I’ll tag.

Dark Matter Zine has cosplay photo galleries. Just sayin’.

And this is where I departed the Wintervalk parade because I had a prior commitment – recording an author and reviewer discussion of vampires (coming soon; it’s now with the editing minion).