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Where does the light shine?

Today my servant walked up to the post office to collect a parcel, then she annoyed me greatly.

Shine Light

I heard her walking all over the house; I assumed she was looking for beautiful me, but I wasn’t in any of my usual spots nor did I bother to greet her as is my most condescending habit.  Eventually she noticed me, sunning myself on the bathroom windowsill.  I don’t normally sun myself here because my cat tray is in this room [eh hem]

Anyway, I was lying here, all stretched out and comfortable, so the servant plonks this book down in front of me as if I’m looking at it.  Immediately I get to my feet.  The indignity of being disturbed!  The OUTRAGE of the title!!  Shine light indeed – the only light around here worth mentioning is the light that shines when I lift my tail!!!

I had my revenge though [heh heh].  As you can see, this photo is somewhat dark, you can barely see the book for the light shining behind it.  Well, I led the servant a merry dance.  Twice she tried putting me back up on the windowsill for a better shot.  Twice.  You’d have thought she’d have learnt the first time.  Then I trotted out to my scratching post where I was so obliging as to pose with books yesterday.  I posed.  She raised the camera.  I leapt down.

I indicated that I wanted to go outside.  She followed with the book and the camera.  she tried putting me on the table outside.  I didn’t even wait for her to raise the camera – with a toss of my head I slipped out of her grasp.  She tried again with the chair.  Close but no banana as Garfield says at bath time.  Finally, desperate for some cat grass – Did I mention that I only have two measly clumps of cat grass in the ENTIRE yard?!  I succumb.  But only briefly.  When the servant tried for a second photo, I disappeared.

Shine light

The servant interviewed Marianne de Pierres, the author of Shine Light.  The first in this trilogy is Burn Bright, reviewed here, and the second in this trilogy is Angel Arias, reviewed here.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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