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Wheel of Time reread: book 1 discussion thread


Wheel of Time reread: book 1 discussion thread

The Eye of the World is the first of 14 books in the Wheel of Time series started by Robert Jordan and completed by Brandon Sanderson after Jordan’s tragic death, using Jordan’s notes and final chapter.  This series is so popular it has its own wiki.

NOTE: this post is intended to open a discussion thread and as such spoilers for BOOK ONE are allowed, but please provide warnings eg ‘SPOILERS from after halfway’

My first thoughts before finishing interview questions for Claudia Christian for tomorrow morning and reading a few more chapters of EYE OF THE WORLD tonight:

The prologue sets up the idea of the Chinese Wheel of Time so well I could hear the intro for Monkey as it concluded.  Not the bit where ‘he teased the gods and everyone and some fun’ but the bit where ‘eons wheeled and passed’.

There are many similarities to Lord of the Rings; I’d have to assume that Tolkein was one of Robert Jordan’s heroes and mentors in absentia.

Eye of the World

I bought this recently <shifty eyes>   Yeah, I know, I know.  With all the books in my TBR (to be read) piles, you’d think I have more self-restraint.  I blame Chuck from Notions Unlimited because he stocks good books cheaply and does events and IT’S SO HARD TO WALK OUT WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING.  (Kid, candystore, moi.)  Well, you know what?  I also bought it to read on my kindle 😛

PS Not a sponsored post.  Not sponsored by ANYONE.  Not that I’d object to being sponsored…

UPDATE:  after a massive 0 comments, I’ve published my review here.  Feel free to comment there…  TALK TO ME, PEOPLE!!!

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