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Warm Bodies: a review

warm bodies

A review by Nalini Haynes

Warm Bodies tells R’s (Nicholas Hoult) story: he’s a young adult zombie living in a post-apocalyptic world who falls in love with Julie (Teresa Palmer) because he ate Julie’s ex-boyfriend’s brains, absorbing the boyfriend’s memories and emotions.

Julie, a human, is at risk of zombie bite, so R rescues her. R luuurves her. R keeps her like a pet.

Julie needs food – SHE doesn’t have a stock of human brains in her pocket for food, unlike R.

Julie wants to go home but, surrounded by zombies, it’s dangerous for her to venture out of the aeroplane home R has created.

R starts to change because of FEELINGS.

R’s friends start to change because of FEELINGS.

Boneys (CGI extreme zombies) want to eat humans but apparently are cool with not eating the beating hearts of resurrected zombies.

The advert for Warm Bodies showed a romantic comedy. A comedy is the only way I would consider this premise.

Warm Bodies tried to be a comedy, a serious romance and a horror movie all in one.


Not enough horror to be horror – and that’s from me, who doesn’t like horror movies.

Not enough comedy to keep me interested. After about 30 to 45 minutes I was bored. The best comedic elements were over with and now we were in to this reasonably serious but completely preposterous romance.

Too much horror and comedy to be a romance.

Seriously – a human girl falling in love with a ZOMBIE?

I get the Romeo and Juliet parallels – hell, Warm Bodies even did a balcony scene – but the emotional resonance, the PLOT HOLES, just couldn’t cope.

I’m giving this one 2 ½ stars. Just because it didn’t completely suck, there were a few moments.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


  1. I haven’t seen the movie, but this is how I felt about the book… except that the book managed to completely stay away from the action at the end (we stick with R and Julie while everyone else is doing the fighting). I suspect I will enjoy the movie more.
    I have nothing against Romeo and Juliet parallels… but… seriously? R and Julie? And a BALCONY scene? Yeah, that was too much for me, too. And I didn’t quite get into the romance because R’s feelings were borrowed and I just couldn’t accept them as a forever thing.
    The comedy aspect was kinda fun. I think I just started to see everything in the story with a comedic bent… probably why the book got an extra half-star from me (that, and Goodreads doesn’t do half-stars).
    It was a nice effort to look from the zombie’s POV, anyway, if nothing else.


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