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Vision Australia interviewed me as a seeing eye dog handler

This entry is part 11 of 11 in the series Furbaby Diaries

Seeing eye dog Silkie from Vision Australia in South Point shopping centre looking happy

A few months ago, Harriet from Vision Australia interviewed me over the phone for Vision Australia’s radio program that is also published as a podcast.

Vision Australia says

On this episode of the Seeing Eye Dogs Show Harriet interviews Seeing Eye Dogs handler Nalini Haynes talking about her life, work at Dark Matter Zine enjoying and writing about the arts scene and culture of Australia, and her partnership with Seeing Eye Dog Silkie. In this podcast we chat about this team’s life, work and relationship.

Then we have a repeat of the interview with Seeing Eye Dogs instructor Yoav Ortov talking about the Seeing Eye Dogs’ pilot bushwalking program. The bushwalking program for Seeing Eye Dog and dog guide handlers helps you make the most of your dog guide when navigating bush and natural environments. If you’re a dog guide handler in Victoria who would like to take part in this program, email SEDclients@visionaustralia.org to find out more.

If you’d like to find out more about Seeing Eye Dogs head to our website: https://sed.visionaustralia.org/

We are looking for puppy carers now so if you’re keen to raise a puppy to hopefully become a Seeing Eye Dog we’d like to hear from you! If you live in the North Brisbane or Sunshine Coast regions of Queensland or Victoria in Geelong, Bendigo and metro Melbourne (listed on our website) get in touch to find out about volunteering with us or apply now via our website.


After so many years of interviewing other people I was nervous being interviewed. Harriet asked me to talk about Silkie but imposter syndrome reared its ugly head. I still stress about the possibility of someone taking Silkie away from me. So, instead of talking about my gorgeous loving girl Silkie, I talked about our impending work together. Eep.

However, Harriet asked more questions that encouraged me to enlarge upon how clever Silkie is, and how loving. Vision Australia staff already know how awesome Silkie is. At the time of the interview, Harriet was even helping raise one of Silkie’s relatives!


Also in this episode, Yoav Ortov from Vision Australia talks about the new bushwalking program starting in January.

Yoav was one of my trainers in January, when Silkie arrived and we learnt to work together. He’s also been supportive over the phone since, giving helpful advice.

Now I’m really excited to join Vision Australia’s new bushwalking program in January. I just hope that, with all this lead time, the weather doesn’t interfere!

Also, Silkie ADORES adventures. She will love the bushwalking program.

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Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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