VD is a problem in SF but may not be what you think – SFWA saga

Theodore Beale (aka Vox Day or VD for short) posted a portion of a letter from the SFWA (Science Fiction Writers of America) on his website under the title ‘What confidentiality rules?

The original letter from the SFWA apparently includes the following text:

Complaints against you have been filed by multiple members of SFWA. In following our procedures for responding to such complaints a report was prepared by a Board-appointed investigator and found, by a Board vote, to merit continuing our complaint process.

Although it might appear that Theodore’s reprehensible behaviour has been tolerated by the SFWA, there is considerable activity under the surface like a duck swimming.

For those who came in late: Theodore’s online posts include hate speech and vilification of people who are not straight white men. This includes Theodore calling Nora Jemisin a savage in response to her eloquent guest of honour speech at Continuum in June 2013. Theodore’s reprehensible online conduct has earnt him a page in the Encyclopedia Dramatica where his views are lampooned.