Dean and Adam developed a new card game called Vaxcards to educate people about diseases and immunisation. Nalini Haynes met them at PAXAus2016, interviewed them before dying of influenza. The interview and a demo card game is in the below video.

This game has 3 levels of play: easy for primary school kids, intermediate (the level demonstrated in this video) and hard for those who want a challenging game.

The podcast version is above but does not include gameplay so I highly recommend the video over the podcast version this time.

Vaxcards website says:

Designed by an Australian Doctor, Vaxcards© is a battle style card game designed to integrate with the vaccination schedule for children and adults.

Players receive a card to add to their collection once they are immunised against a disease.

The stronger your immune system from vaccination, the more unique game play options you have.

The aim of the game is increase uptake of vaccination, to educate children and parents about diseases they are getting vaccinated against and to be used as a tool for parents to reward children nervous of needles.

However, the stand alone game is worth playing…. all the global health benefits aside….

DMZ doesn’t usually support kickstarter campaigns but this time we’re making an exception. Vaxcards’ kickstarter is here.

Biohazard! Vaxcards strike back

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.



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