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Vampire Academy: illustrated movie companion by Brandon T Snider

Vampire Academy illustrated movie companionA review by Elizabeth Manthos

The ultimate fan guide to the making of the long awaited Vampire Academy movie, the illustrated movie companion takes fans on a tour of the creation of the film, from the screenwriting process to casting, filming and editing. With inserts from Richelle Mead (author of Vampire Academy) herself, this book is bound to be a staple on ever fans shelf.

The glossy cover draws your attention to the book itself, with Dimitri, Rose and Lissa present on the front page. The full colour pages inside are packed with never-before-seen photos, exclusive interviews with the cast and crew and amazing insights into the whole moving making process.

I enjoyed this movie companion and it changed my opinion slightly on the film itself. The pages were good quality and filled with detailed information and amazing pictures, bringing St Vladimir’s and the whole Vampire Academy world to life. My particular interest was drawn into the inserts of Richelle Mead and the details that went into creating the world of Vampire Academy, from the Russian folklore to the detailed definitions of the guardians promise marks, as well as a page on Alchemist Tattoo’s.

The movie companion was informative and was brilliantly created. This is definitely a must have for any Vampire Academy fan.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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