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Tripod: This Gaming Life

Tripod: This Gaming Life

Recently I interviewed Tripod. The award-winning storytelling band not the instrument. Tripod is a trio of musicians: Scod (Scott Edgar), Yon (Simon Hall) and Gatesy (Steven Gates). Over the course of an eighteen-year collaboration, the trio has covered a wide variety of performance styles and subject matter, anything from 3 men in space to a fictional history of musical comedy. Currently they’re collaborating with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

At 18 minutes (on the video) they burst into song. At 38 minutes (on the video) they talk Courtney Barnett and the Comics Lounge.

This Gaming Life is on the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra website including a link to buy tickets.


Tripod interview as an MP4 on YouTube

During this interview I squee about my current favorite Tripod song ‘Good friends killing each other’, which you can see on their YouTube channel. Why is it my favorite? For the past 20 years I’ve lived through LANs (Local Area Network parties) where my partner or my son have had friends over so they can be GOOD FRIENDS KILLING EACH OTHER.

Planned interview questions (not asked in order)

Recently you revealed the secret that has kept you together for so long. Videogames. Lots and lots of videogames.

This shocking revelation featured large in your performance at PAX Australia.

A few members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra joined you onstage to give the audience a taste of your upcoming show This Gaming Life.

Attendees who weren’t aware you were at PAX made comments like “What, OUR Tripod?” How do you feel about Australians feeling possessive?

Dirk Hasse‪ asked: What are your influences?‪ How do you choose a topic for a song and a performance?
 ‪How do you approach song writing? Lyrics then music, vice versa, or a bit of both?

Fiona Haynes‪  asked: Is there anything you have tried and failed to write a song about?!

How difficult was it to write music for an entire orchestra?

Tripod approached the MSO about a collaborative performance 5 years ago. Why the change in direction and why now?

What challenges has this collaboration presented?

What have you learnt during this process?

Mishka ‏‪@Mishkapants asked: Would you consider collaborating with each other again on something akin to Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra? What are your favourite instruments?

Edward asked: What are some of your favorite videogames both past and present? Do you have a favourite console or platform?

C.J. Dee ‏‪@Kinestra wanted to know: If you could do a cover version of any song that you haven’t already done, what would it be and why?

Mishka Will you repeat Lady Robots? Will you make a play about Married Man? What’s the name of your doggy mascot? A UK mate and Mishka have a pint riding on the answer.

You’re really active online, with a YouTube channel. What’s available to watch online now and what is coming soon?

What comes after the This Gaming Life performance?

Cassandra Joy‪ Superman vs The Hulk. Who wins?

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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