Tights and Tiaras: next best thing

If you’ve been following Dark Matter for any length of time, you’ve probably read posts referring to a conference I attended at Monash University last year titled Tights and Tiaras: Female Superheroes and Media Cultures.  My report on the conference is here but I highly recommend you follow the link to Monash University’s Colloquy Journal website where issue 24 features academic essays by the original speakers themselves.

Man-eaters and fan-dancers: Kitana from Mortal Kombat
Man-eaters and fan-dancers:
Kitana from Mortal Kombat

The essays available online are

Introduction: Tights and Tiaras PDF Icon Deb Waterhouse-Watson and Evie Kendal

Wonder Woman Wears Pants: Wonder Woman, Feminism and the 1972 “Women’s Lib” Issue PDF Icon Ann Matsuuchi

Buffy, the Transmedia Hero PDF Icon Emma Beddows

Gender and Power: The Phoenix/Jean Grey across Time and Media PDF Icon Lenise Prater

Re-/deconstructing the Yellow Brick Road: Gender, Power and Tin Man PDF Icon Deb Waterhouse-Watson

Comic Book Princesses for Grown-Ups: Cinderella Meets the Pages of the Superhero PDF Icon Rebecca-Anne C. Do Rozario

Prince Charming by Day, Superheroine by Night? Subversive Sexualities and Gender Fluidity in Revolutionary Girl Utenaand Sailor Moon PDF Icon Catherine E. Bailey

Man-eaters and Fan-dancers: Exploring Gender Representation, the Female “Other” and Geek-girl Alienation PDF Icon Jane Felstead

There’s No One Perfect Girl: Third Wave Feminism and The Powerpuff Girls PDF Icon Evie Kendal


If you’re at all interested in representations of women in popular culture, this issue of Colloquy is a ‘must have’ resource!

I didn’t realise Colloquy was available as an open source resource, but now I know I’ll have to keep an eye on it for future essays of interest.