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Tiger’s Voyage by Colleen Houck

a review by Jade Hounsell

The third book in the series, Tiger’s Voyage, picks up about a month on from the last one. As a warning, I will be mentioning some events here that were in the first two book so if you haven’t and are intending on reading them please do not continue reading.

Ren still has lost all his memories of Kelsey despite all of her best efforts to try and help him remember. If that wasn’t bad enough, Ren cannot stand being close to Kelsey for too long without experiencing physical pain. Ren then makes the decision to push Kelsey away and into the arms of his brother Kishan believing that is what is best for them all. As you may have guessed at some stage in this book Ren gets his memory back and then wants Kelsey back as well and gets upset when she chooses to stay with Kishan.

Do not despair! While most of this book is focused on the love triangle, the trio do manage to go on a new quest and try to gain the cursed brothers another 6 hours a day as humans. This one is water themed and the trio has to face off with five dragon brothers and a multitude of other sea creatures to gain the treasured prize.

While I absolutely have loved Tiger’s Quest and Tiger’s Curse, I have to say that I didn’t enjoy Tiger’s Voyage as much. There was just too much focus on the love triangle and not on the quest, which really starts about three quarters of the way through the book. Ren has turned into a bully thinking he can tell Kelsey whom she can hang out with, talk to, dress and wear her hair while maintaining he has no feelings for her. He toys with her feelings so much that I have to wonder what the hell Kelsey still sees in him. Krishan has come off as a weakling, so eager to please Kelsey that he is willing to overlook everything that contradicts what Kelsey is telling him. The laughing, charismatic and egotistical Kishan just seems to be gone. Then there is Kelsey herself, going backwards and forwards between the boys the whole time and using how they feel about her to antagonize them. And really is she that much of a goddess that every male that she comes across just swoons at her feet???

I know that makes it sound that I didn’t like this book at all and that is not at all true, I did like it just not as much as the others. I just really hope that the next in the series isn’t quite so focused on the love triangle and that all the characters end up with a sort of happy ending that they deserve.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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