This Gaming Life: musical comedy

This is how you get your geek on: wearing tuxedos and singing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra ALL ABOUT GAMES. I can’t link the URL directly because I got Rick Rolled to a cheesy Drive King website. 

This Gaming Life performance included the theme for Journey, with a floating red cloak dude (Gatesy) meeting floating white cloak dude (Scod) while Yon, disgusted, walked off stage. Because Yon is all about the guns!

Scod is your average WoW [World of Warcraft] addict.

And Gatesy is apparently also nicknamed “The Fonz”.

It was a hilarious performance!

And they had kick-ass cameras there so I’m hoping for a DVD release.

Below is the YouTube clip for Drive King, the soundtrack to a video game (homemade? pirated?) from Tripod’s youth.