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Army of the Undead by Stuart Daly

Army of the Undead

The Witch Hunter Chronicles

a review by Lauren Schroder

In the Army of the Undead, Jakob von Drachenfels is back in book two as a fully fledged member of the Hexenjager (a military force of the Catholic Church tasked with the duty of maintaining the safety of the Holy Roman Empire against the evil hordes of Satan and his minions,) due to his exploits in Schloss Kriegsberg in book one.  Jakob is sent on a mission of utmost importance with the help of the Milites Christi and Custodiatti (other Catholic Church military groups) to prevent The Watchers, four fallen angels of heaven, obtaining The Tablet of Breaking and causing Armageddon.  The journey of this small band of crusaders is plagued every step of the way by the minions of The Watchers, the undead.

The Army of the Undead is set in 1666. Jakob and his companions travel from central Europe to the Holy Land in search of the historic city of Sodom and the fabled Hall of Records it contains.  Jakob, with his closest friend, a French Hexenjager named Armand must fight the Satanic hordes and battle the Risen Undead from the Gates of Hell to save the world from annihilation.

This book is a very enjoyable read. It is a book that does not require excessive thought or concentration to understand and therefore would be a perfect read for a sunny afternoon. After getting over the initial problems with the names of the characters, the language of this book is set at a junior secondary literacy level and would be appropriate for teenagers.

[Spoiler: information about book 3]

Book Three is posed to be about Jakob finding out information about his father, supposedly captured in a Rotterdam prison, as he travels with his companions from Burg Grimmhein to the battle torn Dutch Republic.

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