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That’s a wrap #22

That’s a wrap #22

A wrap of today’s SFF news, some links and some fun.  If you have news to be included, DM or email me.

BREAKING NEWS – Aurealis and Dark Matter working in partnership!

Aurealis magazine is a subscriptioin fantasy and science fiction magazine based in Australia, with wide-ranging content including fiction, non-fiction, news and interviews with authors.  Yesterday Aurealis proposed an informal partnership where Dark Matter hosts some of their content.  I was delighted to say YES.

Aurealis has its own category on Dark Matter‘s site.

Individual contributors have their own tags so you can search for reviews by Evie Kendal and Jade Hounsell, for example.  Dan Allan and any other Aurealis contributors will also have their own tags.  (Note: it takes a few tags before a new tag shows in the list but Dan’s name is already searchable.  If I forget to tag, feel free to send me a reminder.)

First cab off the rank:  Dan Allan interviewed award-winning horror author Jason Nahrung.  Jason’s website is here.

Life after Doctor Who

Russell T. Davies writes a children’s story for Bernard Cribbins (Wilfred Mott, Doctor Who) and Freema Agyeman (Martha in Doctor Who).  Not only was Bernard Donna’s father in Doctor Who, he’s

no stranger to children’s TV, having narrated and appeared in all sorts of children’s shows, from The Wombles (a ’70s animated smash hit, that actually got revived in the late ’90s), to The Railway Children.

Bernard said

I think if you can get the magic going, create a good children’s show, they will literally remember it for the rest of their lives!

I certainly remember the Wombles from my primary school years.  I enjoyed that series and I read all the original books by Elisabeth Beresford I could find.

Here’s a taster of the Wombles, with Bernard narrating:

Four topless Doctors

Philip Bates anticipates an 18+ Doctor Who-themed burlesque show.  I’m not sure how I feel about naked Ood and topless doctors (from the SFW pic I assume that at least one if not all of the doctors is female) but it’s horses for courses.

Mistborn addition to World of Warcraft patch

WoW is adding a ‘survivors bag of coins’ to patch 5.2.0.  All Brandon Sanderson’s fans go ‘SQUEE’.  Everyone else looks blank.

Mistborn is a series of books by Brandon Sanderson who included updates in his latest blog.

Mistborn RPG

There is a Mistborn role playing game on its way.  Brandon thinks the release date may be pushed back to 2014 but no official announcement has been made yet.

For those who came in late, I interviewed Brandon in April 2012.

Sexism is alive and well in the publishing industry

Kasey Edwards writes about advice given to her, intended to help her as a writer: Pretend to be a man.   Kasey says men tend to read books written by men, while women are more flexible with their reading.

Learning Town – a musical comedy for ADULTS

Paul and Storm, the guys who brought us Write like the wind (George R.R. Martin) star in this adult comedy about two broke musos who take over a kids’ TV show.  It looks promising and I particularly enjoyed the musical number.

Tantalising tentacles from Gawker Assets
Institut Océanographique in Paris entry - the secret headquarters of the Order of the Brass Octopus ;-)
Institut Océanographique in Paris entry – the secret headquarters of the Order of the Brass Octopus 😉

Ok, so it looks like copper not brass – DON’T LET FACTS GET IN THE WAY.

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