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That’s a wrap #17

That’s a wrap #17

A wrap of today’s SFF news.  If you have news to be included, DM or email me.

Jay Lake Fundraiser ‘limited’ by Paypal

Yesterday Dark Matter reported on the successful fundraiser helping Jay Lake get medical treatment.

Today I learn that the fundraiser has been so successful that organisers have added some new goals to unlock further whimsy, however this fundraiser is not without its problems.  On Facebook, Jay Lake said:‎

@PayPal has limited the account associated with my cancer fundraiser. I have no access to the funds. Appealing takes days. Thanks, guys.

Supporters use social media to express their ire.  For example

 TAFF runner supports women

From the website:

TAFF is the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund, which has been running since the 1950s and in this time has provided the means for many North American and European fans to attend conventions on alternating sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The winning candidate in any year receives money from the fund in order to make a trip to the other continent, often including a Worldcon; generous SF fans donate in order to vote for their preferred candidate. More information about TAFF can be found at the official unofficial website: taff.org.uk. We also have presences on LiveJournal (taffnews.livejournal.com), Facebook (facebook.com/TAFFnews) and Twitter (@TAFFnews), for all your social networking needs….

The 2013 race involves two candidates. Theresa Derwin is nominated by Anders Bellis, Steve Green and John Meaney (in Europe), as well as Christopher J. Garcia and Yvonne Penney (in North America). Jim Mowatt is nominated by Fran Dowd, Rob Hansen and Mark Plummer (in Europe), as well as Randy Byers and Curt Phillips (in North America). Both candidates have submitted a platform of up to 101 words, which follow here.

“Derwin: The Natural Selection

Theresa Derwin is standing for TAFF! A regular convention attendee and panel moderator/member, Theresa has been active in fandom since her teen years. She produces fanzine Andromeda’s Offspring, which promotes the genre work of female authors. She has also previously written for Critical Wave and writes book reviews on her blog www.terror-tree.co.uk whilst writing lots of fiction in a variety of anthologies and in her first book Monsters Anonymous. Theresa wants to attend LoneStarCon3 as a positive ambassador for European/British fandom and female fans and writers in particular. She brings enthusiasm, knowledge and humour to the race!”

Andromeda’s Offspring describes itself as

a fanzine dedicated to promoting female authors working in genre; SF, Fantasy, Horror and Urban Fantasy.

Theresa’s competition:

“Jim Mowatt came of age in the fiery fannishness of Leeds and burst upon the scene as Jim Trash at the Sou’wester Eastercon in 1994. Few noticed. He retreated into the shadows like a bewildered ninja. Since then he has made a number of friends, produced fanzines (e.g. Pips and Beam) and decided that fandom is a wonderful place to be(eblebear). He has produced a prodigious number of podcasts, and has a great face for radio. Jim followed a woman to Cambridge in 2002. She didn’t call the police so he moved in. San Antonio needs to know why.”

Personally, I’d support the fan supporting female fans and writers as there just is NOT enough of that around.  Also Theresa has received a number of emails, both asking her to produce her ‘fannish’ credentials as opposed to her ‘professional’ credentials (she’s a published author), AND it sounds like she’s received bullying emails as well.  As the group of people passionate about the TAFF include the people passionate about fanzines and keeping fanzines ‘pure’, a vote for Theresa is a vote for decency.  This particular group spent months bashing me in their little zines without my knowledge and when I finally acknowledged them in Through the Looking Class: Being Schooled by the SMoFs  and A Troll Too Far, several were abusive, even stooping to being abusive anonymously.

A vote for Theresa Darwin is a vote for women being treated as equals in fandom.

Note: Jim Mowatt seems a nice enough guy but I’m passionate about Theresa’s platform and I’ve had personal experience receiving emails from some of the same people who are targeting Theresa.

Jurassic Park 4 announced

With all the old franchises being dusted off, Universal couldn’t resist another Jurassic Park.  Due out July 2014.

Jurassic Park - a dinosaur in more than one way
Jurassic Park – a dinosaur in more than one way

IMDB has listed Michael Crichton as the writer of Jurassic Park 4 – this brings new meaning to the term ‘ghost writer’.  One wonders if Michael is turning in his grave. 😛

Marvel Comics has made a graphic novel version of Pride and Prejudice

This looks all glossy and pretty and shiny… it’s GOT to be better than resorting to yet another TV/movie remake to get your Darcy fix…

Thanks to Alison Goodman for bringing this to my attention, although there has GOT to be a better way of purchasing the books…  notice I didn’t link Amazon 😛 #boycott

Facebook emoticons

Facebook is expanding its emoticon range, entertaining the masses.

facebook emoticons
facebook emoticons

Thanks Caroline Slocombe for linking this pic.

Spec Fic pics

First we had the radioactive dust storm glowing orange over Syndey, now this:

We are living in the future and it’s looking a bit grim.  Thanks to Yahoo News for the pic.

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