That’s a wrap #14

That’s a wrap #14

A wrap of today’s news.  If you have news to be included, DM or email me.

Terminally ill Star Trek fan sees movie

Daniel Craft was terminally ill, but thanks to a campaign on his behalf saw a rough cut of the next Star Trek movie before deteriorating further.  Daniel was the director of the New York Asian film festival, so he’d given a lot to the community.  The Hollywood Reporter has more details.

Gail Carriger events

I ADORE Gail’s Parasol Protectorate series.

i09 has an exclusive sneak peek at Gail’s new book.

Gail is making a number of appearances in California.  My only problem with Gail’s schedule is I CAN’T MAKE IT.  And she’s not coming here.  Yet.

This event will have to sate non-Californian’s appetites for now:

Feb 12, Tuesday in Everywhere!
5:00pm PST Live at the Lounge, Online Video Chat
RSVP at the site to ask me all your burning questions

P. J. Haarsma pushed Nathan Fillion into a swimming pool

Nathan Fillion had a tumultuous year last year, partially caused by his cavalier refusal to play along with The Bloggess’ request for a photo for which she would have donated over $400 to a charity of his choice; the fallout tarnished Nate’s popularity in spite of widespread love for the Captain of the Serenity (the Bloggess had to call her fans off)*.

Nate has bravely soldiered on as this blog post shows, rising to triumph by being pushed in the pool to promote Kids Need to Read.  The footage is all here – the comedic sketch and the dousing – as well as a blog about the backstory.  I guess Haarsma felt a little self-conscious after some backlash, feeling some explaining was in order.

My only complaint?  The three different endings to the video aren’t linked; we only have access to one.  :*(

*If you’re intrigued by this, go to the Bloggess’ site and search on Nathan Fillion – there is a whole series of posts and she is HILARIOUS.  Also, Simon Pegg scored huge points with SF fans and The Bloggess’ contingent alike (yes, I know, LOTS of cross-over there, as is inevitable with a woman who paints Hunter S. Tomcat’s claws Tardis blue).  Penn Jillett held twine even though Nate refused.  And then there was the whole spatula episode featuring Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: Next Generation) and Jeri Ryan (Seven from Star Trek: Voyager) and more.  Some of the amazing spatulas that came out of drawers on that one were worthy of note all alone!  Did I ever mention I think the Bloggess is AWESOME?

**When I went to Nate’s website, just under the menu bar there was an advertisement for solar panels.  Is this intended as a comment about the location of the brightest light? >.>

Moving on.

K9 appears on Stargazing Live

K9 is a special guest on BBC’s Stargazing Live “appearing in all three Back to Earth shows as the new question master, posing a ‘space brainteaser’ to a number of special guests… [Back to Earth is] where K-9 will be on hand to give the benefit of his experience traveling amongst the stars!”

The Oatmeal comic about cats, moving house and a house burning down

Obviously this comic isn’t for everyone but I found it funny and moving.

Burn Bright fan-made book trailer

I don’t put many book trailers up here – perhaps I should put more up – but I saw this book trailer today and thought it was well made, hinting at the atmosphere of Marianne de PierresBurn Bright from her Ixion trilogy without giving away huge spoilers.