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Terry Molloy was Davros in Doctor Who: panel


Terry Molloy

Terry Molloy was Davros in Doctor Who: I interviewed Terry here.   Terry Molloy’s panel is available in both MP4 (video) and MP3 (audio only) versions at the bottom of this page.

I got side-tracked so I was late to this session.  After starting video-recording I discovered that I was almost out of memory because I’d forgotten to reformat the memory card after downloading yesterday’s panels.  Unfortunately I missed a lot of this panel, but I got some good stuff in.  One of my favourite moments – apart from the Davros voice – was the guy in the wheelchair asking how Terry managed Davros’ wheelchair.  Terry is an energetic, enthusiastic speaker who probably knows as much as anyone about Davros.  Shame on the BBC for not bringing Terry back as Davros in the new series!

Terry Molloy was the voice of Davros in Doctor Who on TV, radio and in a number of Big Finish audio productions as well as voicing many other characters.  Terry talked about his wide-ranging roles, especially the appeal of radio and audio shows, which allow him much more diversity.  He mentioned the role he would have loved to play that he’s never actually played; sadly he says he’s too old now, but I wonder if he could contribute to an audio production?

Wikipedia says the following about Terry:

On television, Molloy is perhaps best known for his role in the long-running science fiction series Doctor Who as the mad scientist Davros, the creator of the Daleks, in the stories Resurrection of the Daleks,Revelation of the Daleks and Remembrance of the Daleks. Molloy also appeared in the Doctor Who story Attack of the Cybermen as an undercover policeman named Russell. In recent years, Molloy has reprised the role of Davros in the Big Finish Productions audio dramasDavrosThe JuggernautsTerror FirmaMasters of WarThe Davros Mission and the four-part miniseries I, Davros. He also played Davros in a 2005 stage production, The Trial of Davros.

Molloy regularly attends Doctor Who conventions and events, where he meets fans and speaks about his time on the programme.

(Note: after leaving Terry’s panel, the minion figured out how to select individual files for deletion so we had memory again.)

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