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Dysprosium Announces Tanith Lee as Special Guest with Two Book Launches

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Dysprosium, the 66th Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention held over the 2015 Easter weekend (April 3 – 6) at the Park Inn Heathrow, is pleased to announce Tanith Lee as an additional special guest. Tanith Lee’s publishers, Telos, are also launching her two new books exclusively at Eastercon 2015.

Tanith Lee is a long-established British writer of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy but she will have left fans hungry for a new book for three years by the time these next two are launched. She has written over 90 books and 300 short stories over a career spanning over 43 years with the last two books released in 2012 titled Cold Grey Stones and Killing Violets. In addition to winning multiple awards for her novels and short stories, Tanith was honoured in 2013 at the World Fantasy Awards with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Fans of Tanith Lee’s works will be excitedly anticipating these next two books from this multi-award-winning author which includes one re-release and one collection.

The unusual length of time between book releases also makes this exclusive launch of Tanith Lee’s two new books (a collection of short stories and a novel) particularly exciting for Dysprosium. Demonstrating the importance of Eastercon to British Science Fiction and Fantasy fandom, Telos will be celebrating this launch with a reception at the convention as well as with book signings and talks by Tanith Lee.

The books launching exclusively at Dysprosium will be a new collection of vampire tales called Blood Twenty and a detective novel called Death of the Day. The collection of vampire tales brings together much of Tanith’s published vampire short fiction and includes several original stories as well. The Easter weekend release in 2015 gives everyone a specific place and time to access these works and to meet the author in person. Dysprosium is honoured to play host to the exclusive launch of these two books.

For information on how to join the more than 1,000 fans of science fiction and fantasy who will be attending Dysprosium, visit http://www.dysprosium.org.uk/join.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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