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Supanova 2013 Sunday in Melbourne

a photo gallery by Nalini Haynes

Melbourne Supanova 2013 was a huge weekend with so much to do, I didn’t do half of what I wanted. I didn’t even manage to get around all of artists alley, but I’m pretty sure I got to all the novel publishers and most of the comic book guys.

After thoroughly enjoying Tad Williams‘s talk yesterday and Dirty Streets of Heaven, I was really disappointed to miss his talk and reading from the sequel; if it had been in the program I would have remembered!

The epic fantasy panel with Marianne de Pierres, Kylie Chan, Colin Taber and K.J. Taylor was great but TOO SHORT. It felt like they were just finished introducing the subject then BAM! It was over.

I spent a lot of today chatting to people and organising interviews for the coming months. These interviews include Tad Williams (tomorrow), Lindy Cameron (Clan Destine Press) and as many of her authors as I can research, Kylie Chan, Colin Taber, Progeny TV pilot & series, Frank Candiloro, Jason Franks, Aussie comic book queen  Dee Pirko, Angus Zhao, Jason Fischer and Stephen C. Ormsby.

For now I’m logging off to collapse exhausted. More words will be forthcoming later this week, as will be the interviews, one at a time.  I hope you enjoy the photos – the creativity at Supanova 2013 was amazing!

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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