Star Wars vs Star Trek

Alex Luthor brings us this epic fan-made trailer pitting Star Wars against Star Trek. It’s pretty, it’s splodey and it doesn’t actually say who wins. But it has Bumbersnickel goodness in it, so it’s full of win.

The problem?

I grew up with Star Trek, Star Wars and Blakes 7.

By the time I was a fully-fledged teenager I had it all figured out.

Star Trek was the new, good Federation.

Blakes 7‘s Federation was older, dissolute, corrupt.

Star Wars‘ Empire was the result of centuries of absolute power corrupting absolutely, the end of the cycle of evolution.

So, unless they were going to, like, hop in a TARDIS and battle themselves through time as well as space, creating paradoxes and quantum universe spinoffs, it’s not possible for there to be a Star Wars vs Star Trek conflict.

Star Wars vs Star Trek