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It’s started. The wind up to the next Star Wars movie. I wonder if it will be as beloved as episodes IV, V and VI. To be fair, some people love episodes I, II and III but even mentioning that particular trilogy can cause strong emotional reactions. So I prefer to avoid mentioning it.

Star Wars Episode VII: coming… eventually to a theatre near you

In my Archetypes and Imagery lecture on Tuesday, Roz the lecturer was going to show us a scene from Star Wars. The real Star Wars, that is, not those other dreadful movies; Roz likes episodes IV, V and VI but not I, II and III.

Roz’s intention in showing us a portion of Star Wars was to illustrate the Hero’s Journey according to Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler. Star Wars is very archetypal in its structure. Because Roz couldn’t get the tech to work, for the sake of the one student who had never watched Star Wars, Roz relayed the story: Luke, the ordinary boy, meets R2D2 (the bloopy droid) and C3PO (the neurotic goldenrod), he finds Obi-Wan (the mentor) who gives him the supernatural artifact to help his journey (the light saber). Luke refuses the call but then, after Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru are killed, he goes to that city (I supplied ‘Mos Eisley’ then Roz didn’t seem quite so self-conscious about knowing the story that well), where Luke Crossed the Threshold, died the first death to self, passed the gatekeepers…

We went on to talk about Red Riding Hood but they’ve been SO MANY fairytale retellings not as many people had seen that; I hadn’t, but I rectified that. The following night, the minion came home and told me that yes, he’d like to watch Red Riding Hood, thanks very much .

HOW AWESOME IS IT TO WATCH MOVIES LIKE STAR WARS FOR UNIVERSITY??? And to be able to claim watching Red Riding Hood is homework?

I was trying to listen to a lecture but the neighbours started with the power tools. Whenever I pause the lecture, they stop. When I start, they start. ANYONE WOULD THINK THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH SOME DUDE TALKING ABOUT EDITING A BICYCLE MAGAZINE. -_- I will now rescue the washing before the storm strikes. It’s practically night in here because of the cloud cover although it’s only mid-afternoon.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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