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Sparkly flowers and choirs of angels

A week ago my minion brought home some ‘items received’: a parcel from Marianne de Pierres, schwag as a thank you for helping in Marianne’s big cover reveal for the worldwide release of her SF YA Trilogy.  The really ironic thing about this big cover reveal is that AFTER the big cover reveal there was a second big cover reveal: the ‘new’ covers were binned in favour of using the original covers for the worldwide release of the Angel Arias series.

The new old covers for the worldwide release are these:

shine light cover reveal the second

Regardless of the change of cover, Marianne sent this schwag as a ‘thank you,’ which included a copy of Glitter Rose, a fold-out poster and bookmarks. I searched for the angels – I was feeling quite peckish, with the turkey cooking in the oven, and thought an angel might be the perfect appetizer   I searched but I couldn’t find any angels ANYWHERE.

Dear Marianne,

What did you do to your poster?  Smokey found it ABSOLUTELY IRRESISTIBLE. 

yours sincerely
Smokey’s Servant  

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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