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Smokey presents

I spent nearly the entire day preparing my application for university today.  Smokey headbutted me repeatedly, walking all over the paper application while I was trying to write.  When I did the online portion of the application, she crawled all over the computer desk, walked over the keyboard and mouse, sat in my lap with her chin firmly on my left hand, all making it as difficult as possible to complete the application.  Now that it’s time for her to feature in ‘Smokey presents’, she’s exhausted, sleeping on her bed – eh hem – the SPARE bed.  So I’ll do this solo today 🙂


A major SQUEE today because I received Journey from the Centre of the Earth by Isobelle Carmody, a gorgeous picture book that is a ‘must have’ for parents and grandparents of children from birth to primary school, to read the book to the children in their lives and for the children to read to themselves.  I personally also recommend it for people who appreciate illustrated books.  I’m going to enjoy reviewing this!


Livid is a vampire story on DVD that Liz Vinton requested for review.  She’s got plans in her lead up to Halloween this year!


Hidden is the 10th book in the House of Night series.  I happened to chat to Evie Kendall electronically then I ran into her at the closing night of Return to the Forbidden Planet: the Musical at Monash University.  She reminded me that she’s in the process of reading and reviewing the entire series.  Oops.  I sent a quick request to Atom for the next in the series.  Whew.

mystic city

Mystic City by Theo Lawrence came as a surprise.  It’s billed as being for fans of Matched, the Hunger Games, X-Men and Blade Runner; if he succeeds in appealing to that diverse an audience, I will give him a standing ovation.  Mystic City seems to be a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ story set in a dystopian society.  I’m not sure if it’s the future or a fantasy setting but my money’s on fantasy with ‘mystic’ in the title.  It looks like YA.
After spending over an hour on this article, including linking books and authors, etcetera, I was on the very last portion when I paused for dinner.  I forgot to save before I went, a huge no-no.  During my pause someone’s paws got busy.  When I returned for the final 5 minutes to finish off, I discovered – to my dismay – that the article had been deleted.  [cries]  I had to write it all again.  Next time, I’m saving more often AND I’m making sure Smokey Presents because when she does I don’t have any problems.
Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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