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Smokey presents science fiction and fantasy received recently

Smokey presents science fiction and fantasy
Smokey presents science fiction and fantasy

As you are aware, cats have servants.  I, Smokey, am extremely disappointed in my servant, who gets distracted by all this science fiction and fantasy stuff instead of waiting on me hand and foot 24/7.   [sigh]  When my servant set all these items on the floor, I had to supervise.  Photo bombing, I hear you say?  Never.  To accuse me of photo bombing implies that I am not the centre of the universe.

Finnikin of the Rock cover

Froi of the exiles cover

Quintana of Charyn cover






Finnikin of the Rock is the first of a trilogy by some insignificant person – erm… Melina Marchetta – who has written trivial things like Looking for Alibrandi, a little story that was made into a movie .  Movies are good because my servant sits still in the warm lounge room, giving me somewhere comfortable to sit.

Froi of the exiles is part two of this luminous trilogy.  I like a luminous full moon…

Oh, my servant mentioned that she heard Melina talking at some writers trip during the recent Melbourne Writers Festival, that awful week or so when my servant left me at home alone for days on end.

Quintana of Charyn is part three.  I don’t really mind my servant reading because at least she’s at home and she sits still while she’s reading, providing a warm, soft place for me to lie.  Sometimes I feel she’s not giving me enough attention though – and I have to put her book down for her.  -_-

Archangel’s Storm is by Nalini Singh, not to be confused with my servant, Nalini Haynes.  I believe this is a paranormal romance.  I don’t know why you’d want to read that kind of book; the idea of a tom cat – [shudder]  I’m much too delicate a creature.  My servant had the good sense to be like the Lannisters who always spay their cats.  I have instructed my servant to send this book to Jade Hounsell to review.

Wolf Pact by Melissa de la Cruz is another paranormal romance.  I like the full moon and blood red hair on the cover, it made me feel…. [eyes go black, bares teeth]

price of fame cover

The Price of Fame by RC Daniells is a paranormal crime fiction.  This is something that I could sink my fangs into…  I’d be a kick-ass lead detective with a human side-kick, don’t you think?  My human did a squee when this book arrived too, something to do with the author marking the book.  I was so unimpressed.  When I leave my scent on her art books poking out of the bookshelf in the hallway, she has the nerve to yell at me, and yet when this – this – human marks this book, she’s happy!

crusher cover

Crusher by niall leonard, who is an apparently successful screenwriter – who watches TV anyway?  I’ve never heard of Hornblower or Wire in the blood, so really – why bother mentioning them at all?  And Monarch of the Glen – bah!  My servant may have watched an episode or two, especially when that guy from Doctor Who was on, but who cares if niall wrote for the show or stripped off and danced naked on the tabletops?  Speaking of stripping off, niall’s other title is ‘Mr 50 Shades of Grey’: that’s right, he’s married to E L James, the woman who wrote that – well, it’s hardly a bodice ripper, is it?  More of a whipper outer, if you pardon the pun.

The Paladin Prophecy cover

The Paladin Prophecy is by Mark Frost who co-created Twin Peaks.  Twin peaks?! We just got away from 50 Shades of Grey, is this more innuendo?  Don’t you humans ever think of anything else???  My servant assures me it’s a supernatural thriller not more sex, but as she hasn’t read it yet, she doesn’t really know, now, does she?


the awakening cover

The Awakening is a horror movie right there on your TV, a horror movie right there on your screen…  Well, not on any screen in this house, Liz Vinton will be reviewing this movie.

And that’s the round up for tonight.   Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to get off my servants lap – she insists on typing while my chin is resting on her hand instead of memorising my every musing, cherishing her time with me as she should, and writing up my pearls of wisdom later, when I’m not on her lap.  I’ll take my servant into the lounge room now, to watch some TV before bed.

UPDATE  After Smokey sent me to bed, I realised I forgot to mention these ebooks received:

chance would be a fine thing cover

Synopsis from publisher:  “chance would be a fine thing” is collection of poems and song lyrics by Irish singer and songwriter Anthony McCann. From tales of supernatural shenanigans and agoraphobic killers, to songs and poems about love and national and spiritual identity, this collection spans a deep well of reflection and insight into both the absurd and the vital. Funny, Nerdy.

Downside Girls cover

Downside Girls

Synopsis from publisher:
The floating city of Kesh rests above the uninhabitable planet of Vellern. For the Topsiders life is about luxury and opulence, while for those of the Undertow day to day survival takes precedence. Kesh City is a democracy by assassination, where the Angels – deadly state-sponsored killers – remove those unworthy to hold office.

When Vanna Agriet accidentally spills her drink over an Angel it could spell death, but instead it leads to a rather peculiar friendship. The downsider Geal hopes for a better life topside, only to find herself embroiled in a ‘removal’ by the Angel Thiera. Downside, Isha’s brother Rakul brings a little black box home with him, and sets Isha on a journey that takes her to a meeting with the most powerful man in Kesh City. Larnia Mier, a talented topside musician and instructor, is injured after witnessing a removal first-hand. As her abilities diminish, new possibilities open up.
With a foreword by Alastair Reynolds (author of ‘Revelation Space’ and the recent ‘Blue Remembered Earth’, as well as ’On the Steel Breeze’), ‘Downside Girls’ is a standalone collection of interlinked stories by Jaine Fenn, that also shines new light on characters from ‘Principles of Angels’, Jaine’s first novel in the ‘Hidden Empire’ series. (‘Principles of Angels’, ‘Consorts of Heaven’, Guardians of Paradise’, ‘Bringer of Light’, and ‘Queen of Nowhere’).

 Dreams of Dust

Synposis from publisher: ‘Dreams of Dust’ is classic pulp fiction – and contains three eldritch-tinged and fantastical stories for your reading pleasure. Inside, a bank heist goes demonically wrong, a crusader faces the ultimate trial, and an alien being on the top of the food chain has some rather unsettling dreams… Inspired by the likes of Joe R. Lansdale, William Gibson, Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft, ‘Dreams of Dust’ is physical, visceral, and enjoyable.

Season of the Macabre cover

Season of the Macabre

Synopsis from the publisher:  All in all, I think that Damien Kelly’s work makes Stephen King’s work look like books of nursery rhymes.”

What people are saying about Season of the Macabre…
“They make you think.” “Making me crave for more.” “He spends the whole anthology playing with the reader’s mind.”

A frightened child with only one person he can turn to, a prison where everybody gets the gifts they need, a bird that has an important message for a weary family, the darkest of murderers seeking redemption in the snow – these and other stories of the macabre are here to delight and chill the reader. From the winner of the Octocon 2011 Short Story competition (with “Intervention Paradox”), Season of the Macabre combines three of Damien’s other short story collections (Cold Comfort Child, A Polite Exchange, and The Rare Gift), into one master volume.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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