Smokey haunts (cat photos)

Smokey likes cuddles but today she was totally unimpressed — apparently she doesn’t like sitting on my gym pants, they’re too slippery or something. In order to communicate this important piece of news, Smokey prowled around my desk, indicating in all sorts of ways that she’d LIKE to sit on my lap, but when I picked her up she was very miffed, leaving immediately.

Smokey haunts me

Smokey haunts me

Smokey on the prowl, looking threatening…


Smokey looking through narrowed eyes at the servant with whom she is displeased.


Smokey feeling a little more satisfied after photos had been taken. After all, it is a cat’s right to be the center of attention.

I’m vision impaired. This means that, for books like The HBO Effect, I need magnification to read. My desktop magnifier is pictured, with me TRYING to read but feeling somewhat distracted. And threatened.

I need coffee. Also pictured.

Desktop magnifier when not in use

My desktop magnifier when not in use, just in case you’re curious about this machine that helps me read all the things.