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Smokey for Best Fancat!


Smokey for best fancatThe Hugo Awards have a write-in category for Best Fancat

Smokey for Best Fancat!

Smokey’s ongoing contributions and dedicated hard work on Dark Matter Zine makes her a worthy contender for the Hugo Award (people’s choice award) for Best Fancat.

Since August 2010, Smokey has tirelessly supervised the minion and I while we work on Dark Matter. Smokey has written “items received” posts, commenting on book covers and content from a feline perspective. More recently, Smokey has sacrificed her privacy, allowing intruders into her territory (C J Dee and Rebecca Fleming) for Geek Girl Day where we watch geek stuff on TV and talk geek talk.

Before I purchased my desktop magnifier, Smokey consoled me with cuddles while I lay in a darkened room after an hour of reading to recover from eyestrain. On a good day now I can only manage about 4 pages of a novel (if it has above-average text) without a magnifier, so Smokey helps by pushing buttons on my desktop magnifier to change the settings while I read. I wrote about Smokey’s helpful attitude and sharing of her cat scratching post that serves as a desk for my magnifier in Smokey Shares.

Smokey for Best Fancat!In Smokey Haunts, written prior to the “standing desk” (an upturned crate on my desk) inspired by John Birmingham, Smokey climbed all over my desk, trailing her tail across the book I was trying to read and generally being helpful. She settled down and let me read after I took some photos. Obviously she feels that, as the resident cat, she is the center of the universe and should be treated as such.

Smokey for Best Fancat!

In February 2014, Smokey, then aged 9 1/2, had some teeth removed because of decay. She felt very sorry for herself. She also surprised the minion and I with her decided dietary preferences; I thought I knew Smokey’s preferences and I was wrong! Post-operative kitteh tells the story.

There are many more posts about Smokey: her distress on discovering pikachu rodents were taking over and many items received posts including some where Smokey was unhappy about toy cats posing (Cat Pissing Contest and Cat Conflict for example). The moral of that tale is: no matter how fabulous the model is, if you’re too difficult to work with, you get replaced! [Hard look at Smokey]

Smokey has her own tag on Dark Matter.

The Hugo Awards are worldwide science fiction and fantasy people’s choice awards celebrated at WorldCon, a convention with a different site every year but usually held in the United States.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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