Oz Comic-Con: the prize for the skimpiest costume goes to…

And the prize for the skimpiest costume at Oz Comic-Con goes to…

Armoured Heaven!


That’s the name of the store Alex was working at while wearing THAT costume.

Skimpiest costume at Armoured Heaven

I love this costume; Alex (cosplayer) showing great courage as well as a fantastic sense of humour cosplaying Miley Cyrus. However, apparently some people complained because you can see his ‘package’ (note: it was never exposed, just the shape).

Lots of other male cosplayers had nipples exposed. (OMG they made me feel SO COLD just looking at them.) Alex covered up in comparison.

Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister of Australia, displays himself on mainstream media in ‘budgie smugglers’, so called because they’re very brief, tight ‘underpants’ style bathers that reveal the bulge of male genitalia so it looks like someone is smuggling a budgie down there. Should Tony Abbott’s budgie smuggler shots be banned? (Well, yes, but this cosplayer does a fine job of showing Tony how it SHOULD be done.)

Women often wear less than Alex to cosplay events. Although this was the overall skimpiest costume I saw at Oz Comic-Con this weekend (it was FREEZING cold in Melbourne), I still saw a Slave Leia; there were LOTS of costumes with bikini-style tops; at least one cosplayer gave large breasts so much upthrust it’s amazing they only wobbled instead of leaping out of the ‘cake’ yelling “SURPRISE”; and at least one cosplayer’s V-neckline plunged so low the underside of her breasts were exposed.

One cosplay standard to rule them all.

If cosplayers are not allowed to reveal the shape of their ‘package’ then guys in skintights aren’t allowed.

If cosplayers are not allowed to reveal the shape of their gender’s anatomy, then bikini tops, cleavage, upthrust etcetera should not be allowed.

How about we set some sensible standards and just set limits on skin exposed? Otherwise the only cosplay will involve boxes. Large boxes. And little fun.