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Siren Tee from TeeFury — “F**k me, grow up, f**king feminists”

I’ve bought a few tee shirts from TeeFury. I like their mashups. I especially like the ones with pretty colors because I’m over black backgrounds. Which is probably why I keep noticing this Siren tee: in all the pics I’ve seen it has a pretty mint background and I like the overall design. (When I download pics or copy the url across the background changes to white. I don’t know why this happens; it’s unfortunate because the white background doesn’t do the print justice.)

The thing is, when I first looked at the tee I was tempted to buy it.

Until I looked closely at the design.

The mermaid has had a breast enlargement and she’s showing cleavage and underboobage. This is a very sexualised image. Putting such an image over my own breasts is inviting the worst kind of scrutiny from people.

Besides, where could I wear it? It’s not appropriate for uni. It’s not appropriate for any even semi-professional setting. It’s not appropriate for a G or PG rated event.

Nooooo, I wouldn’t wear this tee shirt anywhere.

TeeFury have been pushing this tee for a while. I suspect they didn’t get the sales they’d hoped for. It’s a bit pretty for some guys and too sexualised for some women. If they printed the same image but with  less emphasis on breast size while actually covering the breasts then I’d be very tempted.

So, when TeeFury posted this pic on Facebook AGAIN, I commented.
Siren tee from TeeFury

I should note here that I purchased TeeFury’s Kaylee tee then, when I realised that she is suffering from “broken back” syndrome and a significant breast enlargement, I’ve felt too uncomfortable to wear it even though she’s not dressed like a burlesque dancer. I think I’ve worn it once.

Now, before I purchase any tee shirt, I look really carefully at the image. I consider it for color, style and purpose. If I won’t feel comfortable wearing it then I won’t buy it.

And if TeeFury doesn’t like my polite feedback then they’ll lose a few sales. I’m sure I’m not the only woman who feels uncomfortable about the thought of this design over their own breasts. In public.
TeeFury siren tee

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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