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Simone Campos: writing autism was too easy so… #podcast

Brazilian author Simone Campos is DMZ’s guest in this podcast, which is part of a blog hop. I believe the below image for the blog hop includes all Twitter handles.

Blog hop information for Simone Campos

Acknowledgement of Country

I have occasionally Acknowledged Country in podcasts. This year I aim to lift my game in many areas, so now I plan to Acknowledge Country in every podcast. An Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners can be done by anyone. It’s a way of showing awareness of, and respect for, the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of the land where a meeting or event is held.

Dark Matter Zine Acknowledges the Bunurong Peoples’ of the Kulin Nation as Traditional Owners and Custodians, and pays respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

For more information about Country and respect for Australia’s First Nations, read this post that also has links to useful websites.

Simone Campos looks like a young woman with brown curly hair wearing a multicolored shirtIntroducing Simone Campos

Simone Campos lives in Rio de Janeiro. She works as an author, editor and translator. Her literary debut, No Shopping, was released when she was seventeen. Since then she has published one short-story collection and four novels. Simone also translated several English- language books into Brazilian Portuguese, including Paula Hawkins’s The Girl on the Train and Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments. This is her first thriller. And it was translated into English by someone else!

In Brazil, Simone Campos is  considered white although she has Indigenous heritage and is proud of it.


Simone’s book, Nothing Can Hurt You Now, deals with issues including racism, ableism and more. Indigenous woman Keelan Mailman talks about power, racism and advocacy. Mailman’s book is Power of Bones.

Thank you card

Google decided that now you must include your own photos in a post or they’ll punish you via your SEO. So here’s a photo of my card to say thank you to Simone Campos for being a guest. She’s into manga, anime and all things geek, so I hoped this card might be suitable. It looked brighter on my phone: to get the true colors, increase brightness until the greys become white.

I thought a superhero theme was appropriate. Simone journeyed to America and back again. She wrote autism only to realize she’s on the spectrum. And she wrote such a riveting thriller!

Simone Campos: representation super hero!

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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