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Hi, Dark Matter Zine‘s podcast is putting Shivaun Plozza in the limelight.

Shivaun has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in creative writing and a second master’s degree in publishing and communications from Melbourne University as well as a graduate diploma in education. She’s interned at Penguin, Melbourne University Publishing and Writers Victoria as well as freelancing as an editor and manuscript assessor while volunteering and organising a conference. Her day job is a project editor for the History Teachers Association of Victoria. She’s had a number of short stories published and, recently, Shivaun’s debut novel, Frankie, was published by Penguin. In short, Shivaun has seen both sides of the publishing divide as a writer and editor.

My review of Shivaun’s debut novel, Frankie, is here.

Photo courtesy of Peta Twisk.

Shivaun can be found on her website and on Twitter.

Planned questions

You’ve worked on both sides of the publishing divide: what is more rewarding, being a writer or editor/manuscript assessor?

What is most difficult about both roles?

How do you balance a day job with writing?

Tell us about your debut novel, Frankie.

You’ve just hosted a twitter chat session about YA. Instead of asking the usual questions about your likes and influences, I’ve stolen your PTA4YA questions to turn them onto you.

First, please tell us what your goals were when hosting this YA chat on Twitter.

What is your favourite F word and why? I hear it’s not Frankie.

Who are your favourite girls in YA?

Who are your favourite boys in YA?

If you were in danger, which YA heroine would you want to come to your rescue?

Which YA girl would make the best best-friend?

What characteristics do you like to see in female YA characters?

What storylines do you want to see more of in YA?

What’s your favourite friendship/relationship between girls in YA?

YA girl supergroup? Pick 5 girls from YA to put in a band. Bonus: song titles/band names?

Finally: who would win, Buffy or Rose from Vampire Academy?

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