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That’s a wrap #31: SF and fantasy news

That’s a wrap #31: SF and fantasy news

A wrap of SF and fantasy news, some links and some fun.  If you have news to be included, DM or email me.  I’m currently drowning at university so I don’t have enough time to find all the linky goodness, help please!

 Oz the great and powerful

Oz the great and powerful

The Nerdist gives some background to the upcoming new Wizard of Oz movie and the publicity campaign, including interviews and an interactive experience called Find your way to Oz.

Evangelion Art Tour to visit the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne

Madman’s website says:

Madman Entertainment, in collaboration with NTV Films, The Japan Foundation Sydney, The Arts Centre Gold Coast, No Vacancy Gallery and the Gold Coast Film Festival, are proud to announce a 2013 event tour that fans of Japanese popular culture and the EVANGELION franchise will not want to miss.

The exhibition will offer fans an insight into how the landmark EVANGELION animated films were created. Showcasing a collection of original concept and production art, character drawings and other artefacts – rare glimpse at the artistry of Japanese anime film production and a chance to own exclusive Evangelion merchandise.

Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing

The trailer is on YouTube.

NicoAngelus commented:

It is true black & white, the colors are for the trailer only. I saw the film in Dublin and I can tell you the black & white works beautifully for the story.

The reason Joss chose b&w is partly because he had no budget and couldn’t worry about color in costumes and set. It works because “Much ado” is very much a dark comedy. I thought it was completely justified while watching it. It gives it a timeless quality and limits the distractions. It’s just you, the actors and the wonderful text.

It’s looking good after a long wait.

Robin Hobb
Robin Hobb
Robin Hobb

The British Fantasy Society interviewed Robin Hobb.

 Discworld announcement

Terry Pratchett and Rob Wilson announced the next Discworld title

Last time I saw the statistics, 1% of all books sold in the UK were written by Terry Pratchett.  If you haven’t read his Discworld series, then try them out.  There are so many novels with so many different flavours, you’re almost sure to find something that you enjoy, or you could be like me and read every single one.

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