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The Walking Dead s02e03: Save the Last One

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save the last one
A review by C J Dee

Director: Phil Abraham
Writer: Scott M. Gimple
Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Chandler Riggs, Steven Yeun, Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn, IronE Singleton, Melissa McBride, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Scott Wilson, Lauren Cohan
Running time: 42 minutes
Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

Unable to sleep due to Carol’s weeping, Daryl heads back into the woods with Andrea  and continues the search for Sophia.

As Carl’s condition deteriorates Rick and Lori are forced to accept that they may have to consent to the surgery without crucial supplies. Just as they decide to allow Hershel to operate without additional medical equipment, Shane returns with supplies but without Otis.

Shane explains to the others that Otis willingly sacrificed himself to the zombie horde that had them surrounded so that Carl may live. Through flashbacks, however, we see Shane shooting Otis in the leg so that he could escape with the medical supplies.

At this point in The Walking Dead, it is becoming easier to work out which characters will have the power to endure the zombie apocalypse and which have just lucked out so far.

Although this is only the eighth episode of the series, ‘Save the Last One’ is the final straw when it comes to Shane retaining his likability. There is very little left in terms of redeeming qualities when it comes to Shane.

The plot of ‘Save the Last One’ has a lot of filler to allow scattered storytelling of Otis’s fate through Shane’s flashbacks. The result is an episode that sacrifices a lot of audience engagement for a plot twist that can be smelt out a mile away.

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