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Robot Chicken season 5

robot chicken season 5

a review by Nalini Haynes

This was my first foray into Robot Chicken so it was quite an education. Each episode is about ten minutes long, consisting of several sketches. Each sketch is a parody of a movie or pop culture. Stop motion capture is used for the image, with pop culture toys used as characters. Anything from smurfs to muppet babies to Halloween movie figurines are used to parody the original in an irreverent, fast-paced style. The voice over crew consists of a lot of stars with whose work most people would be familiar.

Created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, I just had to watch this series at some stage. Seth Green is awesome and has been on my radar since Buffy and The Best Man – forget the leading man, Seth made that movie!

Robot Chicken is rated MA for good reason – there’s a lot of blood and gore as well as some very adult jokes about sexuality. I thought some of this was hilarious while some of the humour wasn’t in my style. As each episode is short and every sketch is shorter, I found it very watchable even though I didn’t like some of the sketches. Sometimes the sketches I didn’t like were a bit like watching a train wreck: horrified fascination kept my attention before the fast-paced action moved on. Robot Chicken has a cult following and will remain a classic with movie buffs and pop culture enthusiasts.

Originally published in Dark Matter 7.

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Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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