The Robert Jordan Story

The Robert Jordan Story
told in the lead-up to the release of the final Wheel of Time novel

If you’re a Wheel of Time fan, you’re aware that Robert Jordan died knowing he’d never finish his epic series.  However, he passed on the remaining essentials of the series including writing the concluding chapter, enabling his wife and editor, Harriet McDougal, to engage someone else to complete the series.  Brandon Sanderson was the successful candidate, selected presumably on the basis of his love for Robert Jordan’s work and Brandon’s own successful career to date.

A Memory of Light, the very last book in this epic fantasy series, is soon to be released.

In the lead up to this memorable and important launch, Tor is releasing a series of videos about Robert Jordan’s life.  The first in this series has been released here.

I previously interviewed Brandon Sanderson about his own career, including writing for the Wheel of Time series.  That interview is available in MP3 (audio only) and text format.

Wheel of Time is so comprehensive and so beloved that it has its own Wiki.