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Received with a Vengeance

Received with a Vengeance

 Yesterday an Australia Post ticket was waiting in Dark Matter’s post office box, telling me to collect a parcel.  Today the minion brought the parcel home.  It’s usual for these types of parcels to be large bundles of books or, disappointingly, a big box with one book and a lot of packaging.  Not so today.  I received this care package from Hachette Australia.

At this point I think my jaw about hit the floor because I had no idea what was inside, but it was clear this wasn’t the ‘usual’ pile of review books.  (Did I ever mention how spoilt I am?  I <3 Hachette.)

I peered inside…

Hachette parcel

Now my jaw needed to be picked up off the floor.  Wha-at?  A MANUSCRIPT???  AND A BOTTLE OF WINE???  And other stuff too?  Breathlessly I reached in, withdrawing item after item, examining my epic loot.  I took several photos as the contents of this Bag of Holding emptied, but in the end I arranged them for one photograph.

The first item to come out was a copy of Ian Irvine’s Vengeance, the first volume of his latest trilogy about a girl living in a dystopian fantasy society.  Next was the envelope with the notation ‘Eat Me!’  You can see all the sweets that were inside.  So I didn’t have an accident I withdrew the bottle of wine next.  Last but by no means least, I gingerly extracted the first manuscript I have ever been given, a copy of book 2 of Ian Irvine’s trilogy, Rebellion.  Did I ever mention that I collect books?  I’ve never had the privilege of owning a manuscript copy before, even though my collection of autographed books is gradually growing.

When I drew out the bottle of wine I was careful because breaking a bottle  of any vintage would have been tragic; this bottle, from the Wine Men of Gotham, is worthy of display!  I’m torn between keeping it and drinking it.  I think I’ll save it up for a special occasion, drink it and then keep the bottle.

Recently I’ve received other books in the post as well.  The nightmare that is looking for a day job as a disabled person has distracted me lately, so my apologies for not posting these sooner.

Books received lately in absolutely no order at all:

  • Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff (Japanese Steampunk!!!),
  • Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas: from the cover it looks like fantasy with a kick-ass heroine
  • Besieged by Rowena Cory Daniells: more on this in a moment
  • Lady of the Shades by Darren Shan: a dark supernatural thriller
  • Maze Cheat by B R Collins: a kids’ book.  I’d link this but I can’t find it on the publisher’s website – it’s 2 weeks until launch, so maybe that’s why.  It’s put out by Bloomsbury on 1 September 2012.
  • Lord of Lies by Sam Bowring: part two of Sam’s duology.  I interviewed Sam last week about his work in comedy and his novels.  His published novels for adults aren’t comedic, although that could change for the future, he is looking to explore possibilities.

Besiged has a special place in my heart: I interviewed Rowena last year.  Rowena talked about her novels, teaching storytelling and about creating the artwork for her covers and book trailers: it’s a family affair.  Rowena, sweetie that she is, sent me this copy personally, complete with autograph *hugs book*

After a really shitty week – the shittiness has nothing to do with Dark Matter – things are picking up this afternoon, both because of dealing with the problems and because I’m feeling the love from my peeps: you, the SFF and bookish community.  Thanks all!

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Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


    • Yeah – and it’s not even my birthday! That’s at the end of September, in case anyone wants to know, just before Dark Matter turns two. Double celebration! Pity you’re so faaaaaar away :-/


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