Queer characters

On Friday 13, I went from ‘I’d like to interview a couple of authors’ to ‘OMG I’M INTERVIEWING WILL KOSTAKIS TONIGHT!!!’

I like to close each interview with a silly question, which has tended towards ‘Who would win, X or Y?’ with X and Y being characters from different stories. Because of the controversy about Will coming out as gay on his blog, I decided to choose two queer characters in his honor.

In the way of these things, with too little time to prepare my mind was a blank, so I asked teh interwebs.

Amelia Liew (from facebook): Korra from Avatar: Legend of Korra as well as Daja Kisubo from The Circle of Magic series by Tamora Pierce smile emoticon

At the end of the day, Will didn’t know the characters I mentioned — Lito from Sense8 and Captain Jack from Doctor Who and Torchwood — but he had the best comeback. Watch this space for Will’s interview, coming soon!