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Pullblox (2011)

A review by Rebecca Fleming

3DS Pullblox TitleRelease date: December 2011
Format: Digital download (eShop)
Other platforms: NA
Price: $9.40 AUD

Pullblox (known as Pushmo in the US) is a platform puzzle game available only through the eShop. The story is minimal: the caretaker of a fun park has created a series of block puzzles for children to play on but, thanks to another mischievous character, children have become trapped inside the puzzles. Your job is to go through and solve all the puzzles to release the children from each stage.

[Why release the children? I mean: peace and quiet… children trapped ELSEWHERE. — Editor]

Every puzzle is made up of a series of blocks which can be pulled out by the main character, thus allowing him to climb up to higher blocks. You can only pull each block out a maximum of three spaces. While this seems generous at first, it does make things more challenging when you get to the higher, more complex levels. Forethought and strategy is required to open up the pathway to the top. As you progress through the levels, other mechanics become available, such as switches that move all blocks of a particular colour or ladders/portholes that allow you to travel to another section of the puzzle.

3DS Pullblox Stage
Hope you’re not afraid of heights

The puzzles are mostly interesting, though sometimes it can feel a bit samey after a while. I found this was a game best enjoyed in short bursts, as I’d do two or three puzzles here and there while waiting for a train or between marking assignments. That being said, a lot of effort has gone into the puzzle designs. Pullblox will have you climbing your way through everything from sandwiches and fruits to various characters from Nintendo franchises.

Where have I seen that face before?
Where have I seen that face before?

There’s also another area called the Studio where you can either create your own Pullblox puzzles or download puzzles created by other players.

Gotta build 'em all...
Gotta build ‘em all…

This is a game I probably won’t be in a hurry to replay but, for what it is, it’s worth the purchase price. It’s a fun puzzle game and will be a good way to fill in spare pockets of time as you go about your day.

Score: PawprintWholePawprintWholePawprintWholePawprintHalf

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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