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Freaky Friday – promotional opportunity


I really like Chuck Wendig’s idea of cross promotional opportunities so I’ve decided to give it a trial run for a few Fridays.

My logic: I can’t review and squee about ALL THE THINGS. There just is not enough time. I’m hoping the creative community will help do the squeeing for me.

Thus you can promote your work on Freaky Fridays if you also promote someone else’s work.

This is a trial. If successful – not too much work for me and lots of squeeing happening – then Freaky Fridays will continue.

The rules:
  • comment below, promoting one thing you’ve done
  • self-promotion must include promotion of one thing someone else has done
  • if you don’t squee about something of someone else’s then your comment will be malleted (consigned to the trash)
  • no tiny URLs, all links will be checked
  • all posts with links will be moderated
  • no spam – this is NOT an opportunity for fake oakleys or viagra! This is for stuff you’re creating not stuff you’re being paid to promote unless you’re a publisher or publicist; then it’s for stuff you’re publishing and something someone else has published.
  • DMZ reserves the right to remove any comment if the content is thought to be inappropriate for this audience

This is a trial run. The rules are subject to change especially if I find I’ve missed something vital.


Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


  1. Many thanks for the opportunity! Three cheers for cross-promotion 😀

    In the realm of “things I’ve done” (more of a hamlet than a realm, but, you know…), I’m a freelance editor. Earlier this year I did a beta read for Colin F Barnes’ near-future technothriller, Assembly Code, the second installment in his Techxorcist series.

    Fans of character-driven cyber-thrillers amid apocalyptic settings will get a kick out of Colin’s Techxorcist books.

    Here’s a link to his page for more info: http://www.colinfbarnes.com/books/technothrillers

    And here’s the GR page for Assembly Code: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18599576-assembly-code?from_search=true

    Now, totally unrelated to my editing gig, I can’t stop telling people about Broken Time Blues, edited by Jaym Gates and Erika Holt. A slim volume of twelve mind-bending tales of alternate history set in the 1920s. The post-war roar echoes through every story, along with an orchestra’s worth of the weird, the dark, and the fantastic. Go. Buy. Read. Enjoy.

    Here’s the GR page: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/12359723-broken-time-blues

  2. http://au.blurb.com/b/2631865-belvedere

    This is a children’s book I wrote and illustrated for an Education elective I did in my IT Honours degree. The blurb:
    “Belvedere isn’t like the other dragons. After being shunned by his own kind, he leaves the forest and goes on a journey to find new places and meet new friends. In doing so, he discovers that being different isn’t always a bad thing.”


    Aislinn’s Shadow, a paranormal romance by my friend, Sam Marshall. The blurb:

    “Aislinn Redding has returned home after ten years in Ireland working for the powerful Kin High Council. Rest and relaxation in the remote Australian bush are just what the doctor ordered, but powerful enemies stalk Aislinn at every turn and not even her pack’s ancestral home is safe.

    Tobias Greenwood is ill prepared for Aislinn’s return. His orders are to protect her – from what or whom, he has no idea. When the people they trust most betray them, Aislinn and Tobias are forced to address a passion ten years in the making… or die.”

  3. My debut novel is The Last Girl, which was published by Allen & Unwin last month.

    It’s a YA action-thriller set in Australia that imagines the apocalypse is initiated by a sudden outbreak of global telepathy. My heroine is a 16-year-old girl who has to find a way out of burning Sydney — and work out who she can trust in a vastly altered mental and physical landscape.

    Here’s the Goodreads page, containing mostly positive but also a few negative reviews (into every life a little rain must fall, right?)


    Hell, a mate of mine even made a trailer for it.


    So that’s me.

    And now for something completely different.

    Every Breath is the debut novel from Aussie author Ellie Marney. It’s a Melbourne-set mystery in which a country girl hooks up with her genius-sleuth neighbour to solve a murder. Marney creates charming characters with terrific chemistry in what is a contemporary YA spin on Sherlock Holmes. Highly recommended.


    Both mine and Ellie’s books are the first instalments in their respective trilogies. So stay tuned, y’all.

    Thanks for the opportunity to spruik!


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