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Am I not pretty enough (to live)?

When I was in primary school, Andra, a science fiction series for children, aired repeatedly on television.

I’ve never forgotten the queues of people waiting for termination shown intermittently throughout the story.

I’ve never forgotten the message: people with disabilities were systemically murdered by the state. This was accepted practice.

Medical professionals argued that Andra should be allowed to live because a brain graft fixed her eyesight so she was no longer disabled. But all the other people with disabilities? It was ok that they were killed off.

Cue another scene with people being terminated.

There was me, 9 years old the first time I saw the series, knowing I was disabled, knowing this story was about someone else, someone lucky enough to be cured so she was allowed to live.

Fast forward a few decades.

A few years ago a pair of twins with disabilities were assisted to die because of their disabilities although they weren’t terminally ill or in pain. It was in Belgium *I think*.

Now XOJane has published an article about legislation being considered in the UK.

Legislation to help non-disabled suicidal people overcome depression.

Different legislation to help people with disabilities die.

I’m not the only person terrified of these developments.

It’s always a concern for people with disabilities that any euthanasia legislation will result in the Nazis rounding up the crips for termination.
Step 1. voluntary euthanasia
Step 2. withdrawal of essential services and financial support covertly enforcing euthanasia
Step 3. compulsory euthanasia.

I have no problems with someone choosing to die with dignity. I’d put down an animal that was suffering, why not do the same for a person?

But you cross the line when you target the vulnerable because they’re not pretty enough, not powerful enough and not wealthy enough to live.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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