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Club Nintendo: Premium Mario Playing Cards (showcase)

A review by Rebecca Fleming

This isn’t so much a review as it is a “look what I got” post. The most recent item to be added to the Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue was a set of Premium Mario Playing Cards and, since I had quite a few stars saved up, I decided I might as well use some of them. They arrived today and I have to say they do look rather nice:

Premium Mario Playing Cards

The cards are made of a very thin transparent plastic with the images printed on each side. The gold on the backs and the silver on the front is metallic and makes the cards look quite classy. Each suit has a different item from the games (coins, fire flower, 1-up and supersize mushroom), with the Jack, Queen and King represented by Luigi, Peach and Mario, respectively, and Bowser appears as the joker.

The cards feel quite flimsy (certainly less sturdy than a standard pack of cards you’d buy in a supermarket). This, coupled with the nice metallic foil, means I will just keep the cards as a collector’s item rather than using them, since I’d hate for them to be damaged.

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