Podcasts: the good, the bad and the ugly

My intern masters want research on podcasts; I thought I’d start by asking you. If you’re motivated to respond, please comment below.

  • What makes a good podcast? (five key ingredients: length, format, equipment, style, budget, personnel etc. )
  • Which are the most popular podcasts and what is their format? (i.e. This American Life: storytelling on a theme, 1 hr long. hosted by one person, etc.) 
  • What technical options are there for making a podcast (equipment, editing software, distribution channels, etc.)
  • Anything else you come across that’s relevant.
  • Who is the competition in terms of spec fic podcasts? (In Australia and overseas, Who are they, what format do they use, etc.?) 
  • What’s not being done in our field? (Based on your research and knowledge of the field.) 
  • Anything else you come across that’s relevant.