Launch of the Play it Again – Popular Memory Archive

Play it again

Play it again

Launch of the Play it Again – Popular Memory Archive.

Please visit and share your memories of playing your way through the history of games.

Digital games make up a significant but little known chapter in the history of the moving image in Australia and New Zealand.

This site aims to exhibit some of the significant local games of the 1980s era, and collect documentation in order to remember early games through popular memory.
In November the Popular Memory Archive is focusing on Australia’s Videogame Pioneers, looking at the stories of some of Australia’s earliest game designers. How they got started, how they went about inventing an industry and making the games they created.

Do you remember the famous tape loading scream on The Way of the Exploding Fist?
Australian Pioneers:  Shocking Tape Loading Stories…

What are your thoughts on the role that Britain’s bad weather had on the popularity of Melbourne Houses books for ROM disassembly and machine coding for the Spectrum?
Australian Pioneers: Did Britain’s bad weather breed a culture of tinkerers and crackers?: Alfred Milgrom on the UK vs the US Market

Did you play wargames by Strategic Studies Group? Did you know they are Australian?
Australian Pioneers: SSG’s American Strategy

See video posted by Roger Keating of SSG on Good Morning Australia in 1985 featuring the newly minted Commodore 128. No one at the TV station could get the computer working, few people ever having used a home computer. Roger managed to get it set-up just as the interview started, his backside hitting the couch cushion as the camera rolled.
SSG Interview on “Good Morning Australia” August 1985

Please come and share your memories

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