Peter Williams (Apophis) and Cliff Simon (Ba’al)

Peter Williams (Apophis) and Cliff Simon (Ba'al)

I interviewed a series of people today in the leadup to Armageddon Expo Melbourne 2014. The scariest interview was being confronted by not one but two Goa’ould from Stargate. Peter Williams (Apophis) and Cliff Simon (Ba’al) talk all too briefly about their careers.

Peter Williams (Apophis)

Peter Williams did a Bachelor of Arts in geology and archaeology; he seemed to think qualifying as an archaeologist prepared him for playing an archaeological character in Stargate! Peter played Moe in McGyver, Apophis in Stargate, a convict in Riddick, Hal in Dark Angel, Jackson in the Xfiles… he has a loooong list of credits to his name.

Peter is on Twitter.

Cliff Simon (Ba’al)

Cliff Simon is your typical over-achiever. He’s been a gymnast and he qualified for the 1984 olympics in swimming. In the South African air force he  achieved the highest athletic award, the Victor Ludorum. After teaching windsurfing and water-skiiing, Cliff worked on stage as a dancer/acrobat, including performing at the Moulin Rouge in Paris before becoming a model then a classic bad guy in Hollywood Television.

Cliff is on Twitter.

This is a very shot but high-energy interview, available in video (MP4) format below. Later it will also be available in podcast (audio-only) format. I hope you enjoy.